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VanArnam Vineyards - How do grape vines do in a cold winter?
How do grape vines do in the cold?

How do grapevines do in a cold winter?

As we head into winter, the Yakima Valley spends much of the time near freezing or below freezing temperatures. Folks often as how the vines do in the cold. During the depths of winter i.e. December, January and February, the vines are dormant. All the life and fluids have left the plant and headed down to the roots underground. During this time, most vines can handle below 0 temperatures and snow just fine. If it gets really cold, like 10 below for a while, the extremities of the plant will likely sustain some freeze damage but usually the roots are just fine and come spring, they will send up happy green shoots. The only time cold is a bit of a risk for a grape vine is when the plant is awake like spring and fall. During these times, if the temperatures stay in the 20’s for a bit, the plant could sustain some damage. In the Yakima Valley, that is highly unlikely – another reason the Yakima Valley is an awesome place to grow great wine grapes.

Post By:   Allison VanArnam