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VanArnam Vineyards - How much water do wine grapes need?
How much water do wine grapes need?

How much water do wine grapes need?

The amounts differ depending on where the grape is in it’s growing cycle. During the dormant time, the grapes get no water. This protects the vines from freezing. Between budbreak to bloom, the plant needs water to feed itself and grow lots of leaves (canopy). During that time, we water 6-8 hours twice a week.  Shortly after fruit set, the water is turned off to stress the plant and encourage deep roots, control canopy size and reduce berry volume. When Veraison (the grapes turn purple) begins and until harvest, the plant is given limited water – enough to feed the fruit but not so much as to grow too much canopy, approximately 8 hours per week. The grapes are watered through a drip system to deliver water to the roots. In Eastern Washington, we only get 6 inches of rain per year. This allows us to manage the water going to the grapes thereby creating perfect grapesJ.

Post By:   Allison VanArnam