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VanArnam Vineyards - Bottle Shock - Is it Really a Thing?
Bottle Shock - Is it really a thing?

Bottle Shock – Is it really a thing?

Other than a fun movie with a Doobie Brothers sound track, bottle shock or “bottle sickness” as it is sometimes called is in fact a real occurrence. It is a term used to describe a temporary condition in a wine where its flavors are muted or disjointed or just doesn’t taste like the flavors are melding together in the way they should There are two main scenarios when bottle shock sets in: either right after bottling, or when wines (especially fragile older wines) are shaken in travel. Scientists aren’t sure why this happens but the theory is that all the complex elements in wine (phenolics, tannins and compounds) are constantly evolving, both on their own and in relation to each other. Heat or motion can add stress to this evolution, causing the wine to shut down temporarily, but after the wine rests for a couple weeks, it is back to it’s old self. If someone has shipped you a bottle of wine, it is a safe bet to wait at least a week to open it. Cheers!

Post By:   Allison VanArnam